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Video - Finishing Your Gloves

When knitting mittens or gloves, have you ever picked up stitches to knit your thumb and had a bit of a gap between the thumb and the rest of your mitten? You are not alone! This happens to me every time and the gap is easy to fix. Using the tail of yarn you joined to pick up and knit your thumb or fingers with, carefully weave your yarn through the gap to cinch it closed, almost as if you are doing a duplicate stitch. Then weave in this end and you are good to go.

Follow along with our how to video to see how it is done. Then give it a try with this week's free pattern Elowen.

Elowen, free pattern

Starting from the cuff, lace is worked down the wrist and top of hands with stockinette at the palm and fingers for function and warmth.

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