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Knitting and Crochet Comfort Afghan Pattern PDF
Wrap Up in Comfort with 13 Knitting and Crochet Afghan Patterns

Last year, I came across a half-finished crochet afghan pattern that my mom had started before I was born. Not only did she still have the half-blanket, she had even saved all the yarn that came with the kit she’d purchased many years before. This work-in-progress wound up in a closet for a number of years, as she had me and then my younger brother, and her free time was consumed. I’m not much of a crocheter myself—I think it’s a wonderful craft and greatly admire the master crocheters of the world and their beautiful stitch work—but I picked up a hook and set out to finish the blanket.

The end result is an ombre green blanket that gets a little narrower toward one end (either I had the wrong size hook or my crochet gauge is tighter than my mom’s). Even though it’s not perfect, I love pulling it into my lap and knowing that this blanket is a work of love from both me and my mom, and that it will live on to be cozy and comfy for many years to come. Want to crochet a blanket like mine? We have a free pattern called Madrid Comfort that is similar to the nameless pattern from my mom’s kit.
Mom's Blanket

When Berroco teamed up with STC Books to publish the Comfort Knitting and Crochet Afghans a few years ago, they created a collection of more than fifty knitting and crochet afghan patterns. Any of these afghans would be great to wrap up in for an evening of crafting and couch surfing, but since these are all written for a variety of weights of Berroco Comfort®, you could even take one to the beach for summer nights or anywhere in between.

Now you can purchase twelve of the most popular knitting and crochet afghan patterns as individual downloads!

Single Pattern PDFs - $6.00
Aran Bright Star Floret Swirl
Textured Knots Ukrainian Tiles Ethel Fish Ripples
Marrakesh Serpentine Spiral Dots

Greenway, free pattern

A simple crochet cluster stitch in five colors creates a classic afghan.

Knit in Berroco Comfort®
Skill level: Intermediate
PDF Pattern Instructions

Berroco Comfort®

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