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Play Berroco Bingo for a Chance to win Big!

Our new summer promotion, Berroco Bingo, is here and we're having a lot of fun! Designed to be a fun way for you to interact with Berroco and your local yarn stores, Berroco Bingo is easy to play.

Head to your local yarn store—many stores have or will soon receive a set of Berroco Bingo tearsheets to give out. If your store doesn’t have the Berroco Bingo tearsheets, or if you don’t have a store near you, you can head to Berroco.com to download your own Bingo sheet.

Unlike “traditional” Bingo, in which you would be asked to mark off 5 items in a row, Berroco Bingo asks you to mark off any 10 items on the sheet. The tasks available to choose from are simple, and no purchase is necessary to participate. There are two tasks for buying Berroco yarn—if you choose to do so, please hold on to your receipts.

Berroco Bingo starts as soon as you get a Bingo sheet, and ends August 31, 2016. You can either mail your completed Bingo card to the address listed on the back of the sheet, or submit electronically (there is a link on the back of the sheet). If you purchased Berroco yarn as part of the game, please send in copies of your receipts, or take pictures and upload them along with your completed Bingo sheet. Be sure to mail or upload your completed cards no later than August 31, as we will be selecting winners in early September.

Win Big! 
Ten randomly selected winners will each receive a
grand prize package, which includes:
— One copy of each of our 9 new pattern books—including Portfolio Vol. 2
— Enough Berroco yarn to knit a Berroco project of their choice
— One of our Berroco project bags

Start playing Berroco Bingo today for your chance to win one of these incredible prizes!

How can I get my Bingo Card?
Visit your LYSDownload here

Berroco Bingo Card

Cinquefoil, free pattern

An openwork pattern created with yarnovers makes for a breezy cropped pullover.

Knit in Berroco Colora™
Skill level: Intermediate
PDF Pattern Instructions

Berroco Colora™

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