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08/22/2017                       #723
Want an easy and fairly quick way to seam garments without really seaming? 

A three-needle bind off is a fast and easy way to join the edges of garments or other knitted pieces together, without having to use a tapestry needle and mattress stitch. As the name implies, you'll use three knitting needles to work this stitch. There are a few things to remember when working this easy joining technique (there's a video down below, as well).

This technique is frequently used to join shoulder pieces, so I'm going to use that as a reference point, but you can use this for a variety of knitting pieces, including knitted blanket pieces (and this week's free pattern, at the end of the email, uses this technique in a very interesting way). And just in case you're concerned about having a third needle on hand, you can use a needle that's a size smaller than your working needles if you have one handy.
Medellin is knit from the sleeves to the back and joined with an inward-facing three-needle bind off.
To begin, make sure your shoulder pieces are both on needles—usually you'll work the back of a sweater first, and put the shoulder stitches on holders. Move any stitches from holders to knitting needles, and make sure that you're using stitches from the front and back. Shoulders are generally narrow enough you could use double-points, but if you're using two circular or straight needles, make sure the needle tips are both pointing in the same direction. 

For inside or "hidden" joins that look like typical seaming, make sure the right sides of the work are facing each other; for exposed or outside joins, make sure the wrong sides of the work are facing each other.

Now that you're set up to work this bind off, hold the needles parallel, with both ends facing the same direction. With your third needle, insert the needle tip into the first stitch on the front needle, and then into the first stitch on the back needle. Knit together these two stitches, and then slide them both off their needles. 

Insert the right needle tip into the first stitch on the left front needle, then into the first stitch needle on the left back needle, and knit together those two stitches. Slide the two stitches from the left needles off. On the right needle, pass the first stitch over the second stitch, as if you're binding off stitches in the regular method. 
If you're more of a visual person, the video above will help you master this no-seaming joining technique. 
Download This Week's Free Pattern
As you can see, this week's free pattern, Bay, uses a three-needle bind off to create an eye-catching detail. This simple sweater starts at the sleeve cuff and is worked up and into the body; the stitches for one side are put on holders while the other side is knit, and then an exposed three-needle bind off is worked to form the structural element running down the center of the body. Knit this easy tee in one of the six new colors of Berroco Ultra® Alpaca (or any of the 59 other available shades). 
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You still have a little over one week to play Berroco Bingo, and one of the options to mark off is "try a new technique"—maybe the three-needle bind off is your new technique! Don't forget to submit your Berroco Bingo sheets by August 31 for a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes. 

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