Perfect layering pieces for the season
09/19/2017                       #727
We know many of you love to wear ponchos or ruanas in the fall, and why wouldn't you?
These layering pieces are perfect for weather that can't decide if it's going to be chilly or warm from one minute to the next. In fact, we had so many people searching for ponchos and ruanas on our website that we created a new category, just for those patterns. You can easily see all of our poncho and ruana patterns right here.
If you're not familiar with the term "ruana," you're not alone. A ruana is defined as a poncho-style outer garment, but where ponchos typically envelop the wearer, ruanas are generally left open at the front. Some can be styled with a wrap over the shoulder, or with a shawl pin, or just left open. It's almost like wearing a blanket that has a split in one half. Caledonia from Booklet 375 Berroco Cotolana™ is one of our most popular ruana patterns.
If you're in a warmer climate, the Marca Ruana from Portfolio Volume 3 might be the one for you. An open stitch pattern knit in Berroco Modern Cotton™ DK is great for the slightly cooler days.
Evern since I first saw the Robes-Poéms ruana, I've wanted one for my own. Knit in Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Chunky, this is the ultimate "wear a blanket as outerwear" piece. 
Ponchos, unlike ruanas, typically close all the way around. They may drape in different fashions, with an asymmetrical hem or a seam worked to sit on one shoulder, or appear more like a blanket with a whole cut in the center. Elizabeth Smith's Camden Hills Poncho from Berroco Portfolio Volume 4 is essentially two rectangles that form the front and back panels (the poncho is knit in the round after the bottom hems).
Melissa LaBarre's Arcadia Poncho from Berroco Portfolio Volume 2 is knit in the round from the top down with a flowing cable motif. 
Renata is one long strip of ribbing that's seamed one end to one side. Two colors of Berroco Corsica® add a little bit of visual interest.
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If you're in the mood for ponchos, we've got a free pattern for you to try! Galilee is knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky with sleeve cuffs attached to the body to help keep your wrists covered. The wickerwork stitch pattern is worked only on the front, leaving the back plain and simple.
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Which do you prefer, ponchos or ruanas? Or are you more of a cardigan and sweater wearer? 

Happy knitting, 


Our Portfolio Volume 4 Knit-along started earlier last week, but it's not too late to join! 
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