Turning knit sweaters on their sides
04/10/2018                       #756
Have you ever knit a sweater from sleeve to sleeve? 
This type of garment construction is really interesting and allows for some clever details, such as the lace panel that forms the top of the sleeves and shoulders in Diane, this week's free knitting pattern.
For Diane, you cast on at one sleeve edge, work the twisted ribbing, then begin to work the lace pattern while simultaneously increasing to help shape the arm opening. Then you'll cast on stitches for the length of the body, work across the front (dividing to work the front and back separately for the neck opening, then rejoining), bind off the body stitches, then decrease down to work the opposite sleeve cuff. Knitting a sweater in this fashion allows for a beautiful, unbroken line of lace across the shoulders and neckline of your sweater. 
Some things to note about this construction:
  • It does require seaming the sides and sleeve openings, so if you're firmly anti-seaming, this may not be for you.
  • You need to pay a little more attention to row gauge when swatching, since the rows make up the width of the sweater.
  • If you think you want to add length to the body of a side-to-side sweater, you'll need to add stitches when casting on for the body.
Want more side-to-side inspiration? Check out Cosette from last year's Berroco Pima 100 collection, Mei from the Booklet #392 Berroco Millefiori and Millefiori BIG—both of these patterns go from sleeve to sleeve. Rosalba, from the fall Berroco Ginkgo collection, starts at each sleeve and joins in the middle back. 
Download This Week's Free Pattern
Grab a few hanks of Berroco Modern Cotton DK to knit your own Diane sweater! The soft, machine-washable blend of Pima cotton and Modal® rayon are a perfect fit for this summer-y tee, knit from side to side with a simple lace stitch across the sleeves and neck. 

Have you knit a sweater with this construction, or are you hoping to soon? 

Happy knitting,


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