Simple texture from yarnovers
8/14/18                             #773
You may think that yarnovers are only used for lace knitting, but sometimes they can have a big impact on textured stitches.
This week's free pattern, Quinn, uses yarnovers in an unexpected way to create a squishy textured stitch in Berroco Vintage® DK
To create this stitch, you work a double increase into a stitch while pairing the increases with corresponding decreases. It sounds more complicated than it really is. To begin, you work a double decrease, slipping one stitch, knitting together the next 2 stitches, then passing the slipped stitch over the decrease. We have a blog post (with a video) of how to work that decrease. Then, you knit into the next stitch, but instead of dropping the stitch off the left needle, you work a yarnover around the right needle, and then work another knit stitch into that same stitch on the left needle. You're taking one stitch and making two new stitches.
The finished effect are these tiny clusters with really small eyelets left from the yarnovers, so it's not a lacy effect. Instead, the texture resembles little raised dots on diagonal lines (because the stitches are offset on subsequent rows), perfect for cozy accessories like the Quinn scarf! And we've got 57 shades of Berroco Vintage DK available—ask your local yarn store which colors they carry!
Download This Week's Free Pattern
Knit up the cozy Quinn scarf with Berroco Vintage DK! An easy four-row stitch pattern makes up the bulk of this long, lightweight scarf, with deep ribbing worked at the edges to keep them from rolling. 

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