Learn to fix a mis-crossed cable
10/9/18                             #782
Our Cables Knit-along just got started last week and we're having a blast!
Of course, part of knitting anything with cables is making sure that the cables are correctly crossed. But sometimes we get a little too into the cable knitting and end up holding the stitches in front instead of in back, or vice versa. At that point, you kind of have a few choices—you can leave it as is and consider it a design element. Or you can fix it fairly easily! 
Here's a video from a few years ago demonstrating how to drop stitches to go back and fix a cable after the fact. It sounds scary but it's really not! 
You'll want to be pretty confident with picking up dropped stitches—it's easier than you might think. We've got a blog post on picking up dropped stitches, and the same principle applies when you drop down to fix a cable.

To fix the cable, you'll want to isolate the stitches in question—so if you have a 9-stitch cable, you'll want to separate out those 9 stitches before you begin. For added insurance, you can even insert a lifeline a few rows below the mis-crossed cable, so that even if you accidentally go a little too far, you'll won't lose all the stitches in the process. Grab a pair of double-pointed needles that are the same size as your working needles, then slowly ravel down the stitches to the row below the incorrectly crossed stitches. Place the stitches on a double-pointed needle, work the cable as it was meant to be (holding stitches to the back or the front according to the directions), then recreate the stitches back up to the row you're currently working (a crochet hook is very handy here). The video above will show all of this in more detail. 
Download This Week's Free Pattern
Use this week's free pattern to practice your cable knitting or cable fixing! Josie is a cabled capelet that begins at the top and works down, growing larger thanks to a change in needle size. Berroco Tuscan Tweed is an ideal choice for cables—the smooth worsted weight yarn has just a hint of colors to add unexpected depth to squishy cable fabric! 
Do you have any additional tips for fixing cables? Let us know on the blog!

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