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Knitting Nostalgia™. . . seven summer options


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Today we will look at Nostalgia™, a cotton, acrylic and nylon blend of matte and shine. It has a soft jersey-like hand and it's available in 11 solids and 4 degradé shades. Our new pattern booklet #261 Nostalgia contains 6 summer styles to appeal to a variety of knitters.

Booklet #261 Nostalgia™
Marsha is a v-neck pullover that has a slight trapeze shaping for extra ease for layering. It's knit in a summer brown we call Chocolate Icing #6650. Mabel is a tunic length pullover with short raglan sleeves and a generous portion of 2 by 2 ribbing. Macie was inspired by a jumper/apron I spotted on a waitress in a cafeteria in Union Square, NYC. Knit in Fluff #6601, it has straps of wide twill tape and drawstring cording at the dropped waist and on the pockets. Montella is a raglan t-shirt in a degradé green shade of Nostalgia called Gecko #6672. Mell is an easy shrug that is knit in a solid version of the same green. Maria is a lacy overskirt knit in Faded Denim #6670 degradé Nostalgia.

Today we are posting 3 free cardigan patterns. Viena is an easy open stitch pattern knit with a double strand of Glace™ on a big needle. Cali is crocheted in Nostalgia™ with a floral belt crocheted in a matching Suede™. Tamara is knit in Touché™. It's cabled from sleeve to sleeve and has a braided cable band around the neck and front opening. With ease of fit, our 3 cardigans can be worn to flatter any figure.


Hope from New Jersey asked,   "I am knitting Pursula from Booklet #257 and I think that there is an error. When I knit the eyelet round that is centered over the inch of ribbing where you place the drawstring, I end up having 32 eyelets, not the stated 40. Please let me know whether there is a mistake."

Hope, thanks for asking this question. The way that row is written may be confusing to the knitter. Counting stitches when you are binding off is always a tricky thing to describe. The bag has an eyelet directly over every purl 2 in the ribbing. Therefore, you k2, bind of the next 2 ( this will give you one stitch on the needle on the right side of the bound off stitches) then you will knit 1 more to make 2, then you bind off 2 and repeat across.

For the purely visual among us, I would simply say that you should bind off the 2 purl stitches all the way around. This way you will have 40 eyelets evenly spaced in line between the ribs on the purl stitches.

I hope that it is clearer now.


Margery Winter
Creative Director

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