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Buttercream Wedding Cake
Crocheted in Ultra®Alpaca 
Skill Level:Intermediate
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Plain cake
Ultra® Alpaca

Pitti Filati - July 2007

Trompe l'oeil (translation: fool the eye):  I was unable to attend the Pitti Filati international yarn fair in Florence, Italy this July. Norah went in my stead and returned with loads of inspiration for future seasons and with pictures of the trend exhibit, with its banquet table laden with likenesses of sweets fashioned from fibers. The display included pastries, chocolate treats and colorful candies, all creating a feast of confections. This crafty concept was cleverly conceived to tease a fiber lover's sweet tooth. Click here for Norah's take on the Fall 2008 Pitti Filati Trend Forecast.

Margery waxes poetic on the Trompe l'oeil art and crafts of the Florentines.
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CakeButtercream Wedding Cake:  When Norah showed the photos, I was truly inspired. This time I was not inspired to make yarn into clothing, but rather to make yarn into sculpture. I decided to channel my inner pastry chef and create with ecru Ultra Alpaca and my trusty crochet hook. I was amazed that the frosting looked so much like buttercream. I selected an assortment of pinks and greens from our palette of 57 colors to make the simplest crocheted flowers with contrasting French knot centers on a vine of chain stitch stems and leaves.

bottom layerThe illusion was thrilling and I sensed the magic that I feel when I render the likeness of an object or a person on a canvas. And as if that weren't enough, the bottom single layer had a diameter of 10-1/2" inches so it occurred to me that this would make an elegant package for storing and protecting a wedding gift of 8 - 10" china dinner plates. The second layer accommodated the dessert plates quite nicely. The dual use of the wedding cake/china cozy was an added value. You can download the instructions for this Buttercream Wedding Cake and with just beginning knowledge of easy crochet, you too can build a magnificent cake.

Filpucci 40th Anniversary
While in Florence, Norah had the pleasure and honor of attending the 40th anniversary party for Filpucci, a major Italian yarn producer. Click here for photos and Norah's story of the event.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director