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Sedona, Arizona

A couple of weeks ago I went to my nephew's wedding in Sedona, Arizona. What a spectacular location for a wedding! I was so inspired by the awesome striated red rock Picture Jasperformations and buttes in northern Arizona. I saw a relationship between these magnificent mineral color compositions and the lovely color effect that is engineered into the spinning of Jasper™, our self-striping wool. We named our Jasper after the rock called picture jasper, which has unique landscape-like color striping. The pendant at right is one of my favorite accessories. It's a slice of picture jasper, mounted on a silver pin. It is uncanny how it resembles a landscape painting!

Free Patterns - Knit in Jasper

Bell Rock Turtleneck
Knit in Jasper™ 
Skill Level:Intermediate
FREE instructions

Red Rock Bag
Knit in Jasper
Skill Level:Easy
FREE instructions

Sedona Arm Warmers
Knit in Jasper
Skill Level:Easy
FREE instructions

JosephaJoyellaToday we are posting three free patterns all knit in Jasper™. Bell Rock is a raglan turtleneck pullover, Sedona is a pair of arm-warmers and Red Rock, a handbag. All three are knit in shade 3831 Rojo Coralita, quite a bit brighter and redder than the Sedona rock. Other colors in our Jasper palette that are reminiscent of the Sedona desert are #3815 Rosso Asiago, which we used for Joyella and #3817 Marron Brown, used for Josepha.

PolygonCoasterWhen felted, Jasper imitates yet another characteristic of these wonders of nature. For example, have a look at our felted Polygon bag and Coasters and you can see that the hazy felted stripes have a dense, sun-dried appearance, so reminiscent of the desert.

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JustinaShana from cyberspace wrote:  "I was fortunate to attend a trunk show with garments from Norah Gaughan Volume 1. Norah was there and she encouraged us to try on all of the garments to see how they looked on so many different bodies. It was amazing to see that many of her pieces are so flattering to so many women. She really designs with all of us in mind. I am going to knit Justina, a skirt. I would never have dreamed that I would knit a skirt but it looks better on me as a jumper over other layers. It disguises my figure problems and enhances my attributes. Thanks, Norah, for considering all types."

Shana, thanks for writing in. You are not alone. We have gotten a lot of feedback about the appeal that Norah's collection has for a variety of shapes and sizes. Her "urban layers" story is shown brilliantly layered in stunning photos of our model, Ashley.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director