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Lang yarns from Berroco

Lang YarnsDid you know that we distribute yarns other than those under our own Berroco brand? For many years, Warren Wheelock, owner of Berroco, has partnered with Jakob Lang, owner of Lang Yarns of Switzerland. This partnership maintains a channel of distribution for Lang's fine hand knitting yarns to yarn shops across the US. Lang Yarns are the worldwide standard for excellence in the finest quality yarns and fibers. To read more about the history of Lang Yarns, click here.

Lang Jawoll AktionThe sock knitting craze is quite a phenomenon and sock yarns are becoming increasingly available and interesting. Almost every knitter I know has a pair of socks in the works. So today we are featuring Lang Jawoll Color Aktion, the newest, most exciting sock wool program to come along since engineered print sock yarn technology.

We are fortunate to distribute Lang Jawoll Color Aktion which comes in a classic 100 gram pull skein with a matching reinforcement bobbin hidden inside of the skein. You use this second strand to ensure the durability of your precious hand knitted socks. Just simply carry it along with the sock yarn when knitting the heel and toe. It's dyed to match.

Jawoll Aktion sockLang Jawoll Color Aktion has taken Northern Europe by storm. Lang's brilliant designer, Anna Rosa Rugolo, works on a computer to create new patterns and colorways for certain months of the year. For these months, 6 color variations on one color pattern are produced at a high tech dyehouse. Lang ships to our warehouse and we ship the yarn to the yarn shops who participate in Lang's unique "Limited Edition" program. When the lots are sold out, they are gone forever! So buy it when you see it. It may not be there next time you shop.

October '07 ColorsNovember '07 Colors
Here are the 6 colorway choices for October and November. One 100 gram skein will knit a pair of socks. Because it is such a fine gauge yarn and it knits to 7.5 sts per inch, Norah and I were inspired to make something other than socks with this amazing pre-patterned woolen yarn. Norah knit a pair of Jacoby gauntlets from one ball and there was enough in that one ball for 2 pairs. I crocheted a large doiley, Jameson, from one ball with plenty leftover for a slightly smaller project. We decided to offer these to you as free downloads. I find that this sock yarn crochets so beautifully and I plan to do lots more with it if I can find the time.

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Crocheted in Lang Jawoll Color Aktion
Skill Level: Intermediate
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Knit in Lang Jawoll Color Aktion
Skill Level: Easy
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