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Booklet #269 Comfort

We have received a lot of good feedback from our customers about our Comfort™ yarn and Booklet #269 Comfort. One of the favorites is Interlaken, a colorful throw knit in the entrelac technique. First you knit one rectangle in one color and bind off. Then pick up stitches along a selvedge and knit another rectangle in another color, perpendicular to the first and so on and so on. It is fun to see the throw grow lengthwise and widthwise as you place one color next to another. You can watch and learn so much about how a color is affected by the color adjacent to it. In art school I studied color theory and I was fascinated by the effect that color has on color.

Color is a very subjective thing. Each person perceives it in a unique and individual way and everyone seems to have colors and color relationships that they prefer and specific colors that they dislike. Recently, one of our readers requested colorway alternatives for the autumnal palette in our original Interlaken throw. We had our sample knitters knit some large swatches using 6 different groups of Comfort® yarn colors. We gave them carte blanche to arrange the configurations themselves. Here are the lovely alternative colorways they came up with. We have listed the Comfort shades used in each one. You might even prefer to create your own color combinations from our extraordinarily diverse shade range.

Backpack colorway Chiffonade colorway Saarinen colorway
Gum Drops colorway Tartan colorway Seventies colorway

If you are trying to match your color scheme you can bring a swatch of fabric and paint chips to your local yarn shop and make a unique arrangement to suit your own style and taste. This is the kind of afghan that you can knit over and over again and never make the same one twice. You can purchase our Booklet #269 Comfort at your local yarn shop. If you want to knit a throw in a solid color, take a look at Fences from the same booklet. It's an easy stitch pattern of lace with alternating moss stitch. It is shown in #9740 Seedling but of course it would look fabulous in any number of Comfort shades. I would knit it in #9761 Lovage, a more neutral green that will look good with my bed linens.

Cabled Swing CardiThis week a copy of Clara Parks' beautiful new hardcover book arrived in our design studio. It is "The Knitter's Book of Yarn" published by Potter Crafts. Packed with good information about fibers and yarn construction with Clara's personal opinions on their strengths and shortcomings, this book helps the knitter make an informed decision about the right yarn for the project. For this publication, Norah designed a wonderful hybrid cardigan. It's a guernsey/kimono knit in Ultra®Alpaca color #6226 Pumpkin Puree. The lightness and loft of Ultra® Alpaca's blend of Superfine Alpaca and Peruvian wool was an excellent choice. It allows brilliant stitch definition with the added benefit of lightness imparted by the Alpaca half of the blend and the luxurious drape and elasticity of Peruvian wool to achieve a lovely fit.

KnitBits Winner
Congratulations to Jillian of Alexandria, VA who has chosen
Chantal from Norah Gaughan Vol 1.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director