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Berroco Booklet #271 Bonsai®.2

Today I will write about Bonsai™ yarn and Norah and I will take you on a tour of Booklet #271 Bonsai®.2 . New for spring 2008, this pattern booklet has 6 pieces including several options for light layering. Whether it's short over long or long over short, proportion is key when layering for spring. We've shown this concept simply styled over minimalist black and white underpinnings.

Back for an encore season, our popular bamboo-fiber ribbon yarn, Bonsai™, proved from the start last spring to be a favorite choice for knitters who love its luscious color, drape and sheen. Bonsai is a cellulosic fiber ribbon that is created from one of the earth's renewable resources. The pluses of bamboo fiber are numerous. It is touted for its natural anti-bacterial qualities and natural UV protection and it absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second. The unique construction of Bonsai was inspired by the rhythmic markings on a bamboo tree. Woven into a narrow ribbon, it's then wrapped with a delicate nylon for a touch of high sheen.
Booklet #271 - Audio Slideshow


Free PatternOur free pattern today, Arabesque, is a hexagonal mosaic throw composed of color and pattern stitch. It is knit in Comfort™ and designed by Mary Jane Protus. I loved it so much in the blue/purple coloration that I decided to try other alternatives. With a palette of 57 color choices, there is no end to the possibilities. Here are a few options to get you going.


schema 1
Knit in Comfort
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions Bonsai

schema 2schema 3schema 4
schema 5schema 6schema 7

Ruth from cyberspace wrote:  "I really loved the last few audio slideshows. I watch those design shows on TV all the time and I see the designers in action. I watch the drama of failure and the thrill of success. I marvel at how those creative individuals manage to pull things together at the last minute. I imagine that you and Norah have some of the same stresses in your design room. Am I right?"

Thanks for writing in, Ruth.  Yes, our professional lives are full of drama, disaster, fulfillment and success on a daily basis. Luckily, we were good friends from the start and we respect each other's talents. When we don't agree, we will agree to disagree and then we are on to the next challenge, never ruminating about lost opportunities, always trying our best to work in harmony and to make things work. For a real look inside Berroco's design room visit the Berroco blog.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director

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