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A Sweater for Him

Free PatternWhile the male bird is the more colorful gender with his bolder and brighter plumage, generally speaking, men are the more conservative dressers of our species. With that in mind, Berroco has designed several men’s sweaters that look just as new today as they did when we first introduced them. Here's a look at our archive of free men’s patterns.

We chose 2 of these fall sweaters to be knit in our Spring yarns. Ben, originally knit in Pure®Merino, was re-knit in Love It™ and Andoa, originally in Ultra®Alpaca, was redone in Linen Jeans™.

Knit in Pure®Merino
Skill level: Intermediate
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Love it

Re-knit in Love it

schema 1
Knit in Ultra®Alpaca
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions
Linen Jeans

Re-knit in Linen Jeans

We are also posting a new men's pattern. Dan, knit in Peruvia™ has the handsome clean lines of a raglan pullover with panels of stockinette punctuated by equidistant vertical bands of twisted stitch ribbing.

Knit in Peruvia
Skill level: Intermediate
FREE pattern instructions


With the amount of love and time that goes into the knitting, one would certainly hope that your man or boy would clock plenty of wearable hours in your gift. What is a more treasured gift for a John's Sweaterman than a homemade apple pie? I am sure that there is nothing more cherished than a sweater, handknit by his mate. What a response Norah got from her blog post of the adorable John in his new sweater! Since it can be made in Peruvia™, Norah agreed to post it as a free pattern, John's Sweater, for all of her fans to make for their significant others.


Laurie from cyberspace wrote to ask:  "Does anyone have a solution on how to get a circular needle to be straight? It would be so much easier to use if it could be straightened. I heard that zapping it in the microwave or immersing it in boiling water works. Are either of those true?"

Laurie,  Thanks for asking this question. Kinky circular needles are certainly a pain. I have straightened the plastic coil by passing it through steam from a tea kettle. This relaxes the tension and it makes it more supple and easy to straighten. I have never tried the microwave. Norah said she likes to put them in almost-boiling water, dipping them and then pulling them straight. She often microwaves the water, but not the actual needles.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director

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