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Multimedia Audio SlideshowToday I would like to show you our new multimedia page. Look for the Multimedia button at the top of our Home Page, shown above. We have archived all previous audio slideshows and audiocasts. We will continue to keep developing new audio visual files for you to enjoy. Keeping in step with the times, we are always discovering new ways to communicate our design inspiration along with our collection.

Norah and I spend our work days together in our design studio here in an old mill in Uxbridge, MA and we are constantly batting ideas back and forth. We thought you might enjoy having a NaturLintaste of our inspirational banter, so we produced a few audio slideshows to introduce our Spring '08 Collection. We channel every ounce of our creative energies into concepting, merchandising, designing, photographing and romancing our vision. During this process we can lose perspective until we finally edit and produce our pattern collection. Then in retrospect we can see the bigger picture and comment on what we have created. For example, in one episode we take you through our Booklet #273 Naturlin™ and you will find that our comments will further whet your appetite for projects to knit and crochet for your home.

Booklet #272You have shared our enthusiasm for Seduce™ and Lumina™ and have had the opportunity to see and feel them in your local yarnshop. Many of you are knitting pieces from our booklet 272. If you want to hear more about this booklet, watch and listen to the audio slideshows Booklet #272 Lumina/Seduce and Norah Gaughan vol.2 - story: objet d'art.

Linen JeansAnother favorite yarn from our spring collection is Linen Jeans™. Many of you have enjoyed knitting with this super casual linen blend ribbon as did Norah and I. Take another look at the Linen Jeans Booklet #270 audio slideshow and hear our comments.

Tina's Skirt

Tina's Skirt

Knit in Linen Jeans
Skill level: Intermediate
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Every week we receive many questions and comments from KnitBits readers. We thought you might enjoy knowing a little about our co-worker who answers most of these questions and does so very much more. I've raved about the very versatile Deana Gavioli in a post to the Design Studio Blog.


Margery Winter
Creative Director