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Audio Slideshow - Booklet #276

Several years ago some creative Italian spinners developed a new technology of spinning and mixing pre-dyed fibers in an engineered color striping program that allows knitters to create interesting self-striping fabrics with minimal knitting skills. In Booklet #276 Geode® & Berroco Jasper® we explore the possibilities of piecing, biasing and double stranding our self striping yarns to create horizontal, diagonal and vertical stripe relationships in sweaters and accessories.

Norah and I talk about Booklet #276 Geode® & Berroco Jasper® as we take you on a guided tour of pictures from our photo-shoot and explain details that you can only experience in this Audio Slideshow presentation. Take a few minutes to view this exclusive look at the new designs and to see shots that will appear nowhere else. Listen to our informal rap and learn more about the dynamics of what goes into designing and producing our pattern collections.

Coming Soon
 Booklet #276 will be available soon at your favorite yarn shop and online.

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Geode is a self-striping wool and acrylic blend that creates uniquely complex striping in 8 colorways. Jasper, our 100% wool, uber-feltable, self-striping yarn, is back again for Fall '08 with 5 spectacular new color combinations.


All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director

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