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Audio Slideshow #277
I have always loved the simple, straightforward construction of a woolen roving yarn like Peruvia™. In trying to articulate the Peruviapleasure that I derive from animal fibers, I am mindful of the source and respectful of the shared bounty of nature. In today's world we are seriously concerned with conserving our resources. Doesn't it make sense to prepare for the cold winter ahead by knitting sweaters, coats and accessories in our pure and simple Peruvia? For me, one of the joys of knitting comes with knowing that wool is a renewable resource. By shearing the sheep, we help prepare the animals for a warmer season. Spinning, dying and then Peruvia Colorsknitting or crocheting the fleece serves to repurpose the sheep's winter coat so that we can keep the thermostat down and wrap ourselves in fashion while reducing our carbon footprint. Wool knitting is a win-win situation and Peruvia is an affordable and responsible way to create winter fashions that fit today's lifestyle.

Today I invite you to join us for a multimedia presentation. In the second in our series of audio slideshows for the Fall/Winter 2008 Berroco pattern collection, we take you behind the scenes of our photoshoot for Booklet #277, which showcases Peruvia™ and Berroco Peruvia® Colors. As we view some never-before-seen shots from this new collection, you will get an insight into our design process. So, grab your knitting, sit back and relax for a few minutes while Norah and I discuss the booklet with anecdotal info on each piece.

  Pakuna Prue Prospera Pamelia  
  Phyllicia Palma Presta, Paco Paley  



schema 1 Crocheted in NaturLin
Skill level: Intermediate
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