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Audio Slideshow #279
Norah and I created a collection of knitted pieces for Booklet #279 with Ultra® Alpaca and Ultra® Alpaca Light. With a measure of Ultra® Alpacaclassic good looks plus a dash of fashion sophistication, we took the knitter out of the city without taking the city out of the knitting. We chose to shoot this booklet on a Ultra® Alpaca Lightfarm in Jamestown, RI but it could just as easily have been photographed on a city street or a college campus. Cover yourself comfortably in garments and accessories knit in the Ultra® Alpaca family of yarns.

Get an insider's look at Booklet #279. Take just a few minutes to view and listen to our audio slideshow presentation with behind-the-scenes shots, close-ups and engaging dialog as Norah and I reminisce about all that went into the creation of Booklet #279.

Question: In this audio slideshow, Norah and Margery tell us that a piece from this booklet was inspired by an item from each of their childhoods. What is the name of this piece?
How to enter:  Listen to Booklet #279 audio slideshow to find the answer. Click here to email your answer. (Web email users: Email your answer to and make sure to enter subject line "PopQuiz_279")
Rules and Prizes:  25 copies of pattern Booklet #279 will be awarded to a random selection of email respondents who have submitted the correct answer. Emails must be received before midnight (EST), June 30th, 2008. Entrants must be a resident of the US or Canada. Employees of Berroco are not eligible.

Unity Umberta Ursa Usher Ujana
Umiah Urian Uyen Urbano  


Tango, free pattern

Tango detail Knit in Lumina
Skill level: Easy
FREE pattern instructions Lumina

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Margery Winter
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