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Rigid Heddle Weaving

Rigid Heddle Weaving

We are pleased to welcome Cirilia Rose to our Berroco design team. Many of you may know Cirilia from the Internet. She's a member of the new generation of knitters, and an active member of the e-knitting community. A published designer and fiber connoisseur, Cirilia helps us with every facet of our design process. Hers is a fresh new voice that seems to harmonize with ours. Cirilia is also very interested in weaving with our knitting yarns and therefore I have asked her to introduce our guest designer Jane Patrick and talk a bit about this easy woven scarf that's our free pattern in this week's KnitBits. Read more about Cirilia on our Blog.  — Margery Winter

Rigid Heddle WeavingRigid heddle weaving is a natural auxiliary hobby for fiber-obsessed crafters and a cure for knitter's and crocheter's burnout. The linear nature of woven fabric allows you to re-cast favorite yarns in totally unexpected ways. I especially love planning projects with patterned, printed and variegated yarns, such as Pure®Merino Nuance, which contains a tonal gradation from light to dark. While I can pretty accurately predict what a yarn like this might do in a knitted shape, it behaves completely differently when woven.

This week Jane Patrick, Creative Director at Schacht Spindle Company, Inc., has designed a pair of scarves, Autumn Hues, in rich autumnal shades of Pure®Merino Nuance, Trilogy™, Geode™ and Ultra®Alpaca. Jane is a former editor of Handwoven magazine, a teacher and designer. You can view more of her work at her blog www.schachtspindle.com/blog/violetrose.html or in her book Time to Weave, Interweave Press.

I own a 25" Schacht Flip loom which is what Jane used for the Autumn Hues Scarves. It is wonderful for weaving extra wide scarves. I'm really looking forward to the debut of the 11" Schacht Cricket loom, which will be the perfect size for whipping out gift scarves as the holiday season approaches. The dirty little secret with rigid heddle weaving is that after the Flip Loominitial warping process (simplified on the Flip, which utilizes a direct warping method) projects work up very quickly. This is perfect for last minute gifts—recipients are often very impressed, but totally unaware of the hours you've saved!

If you would like to learn more about rigid heddle weaving, see Jane's recommended reading list at the end of her tutorial on Autumn Hues, or contact/visit the Spinning and Weaving Association at www.spinweave.org for more information on weaving and links to resources near you.

Autumn Hues


Woven in
Pure®Merino Nuance,
Trilogy™, Geode
& Ultra®Alpaca
Skill level: Easy
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Pure Merino NuanceTrilogyGeodeUltra® Alpaca

Good weaving,

Cirilia Rose

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