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VeeteeVeetee DyedYouteeYoutee Dyed

How to Dye Knitting

Norah, Cirilia and I were curious to see whether a finished sweater could be dyed to achieve an ombre effect (darker at the bottom and lighter at the top). We knit two t-shirts: Veetee is an easy v-neck t-shirt knit in Love It™, a twisted blend of cotton, acrylic and polyester while Youtee is a U-neck tee knit in Bonsai™, a bamboo ribbon with a touch of nylon. We knit the sweaters in white to have a blank canvas to experiment on. First, we photographed both white sweaters on our in-studio mannequin. Just in case the project backfired we would still have a back up plan for this KnitBits.

Read more about our Dye Adventure.


Veetee, free pattern

Veetee Dyed Knit in Love it™
Skill level: Easy
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Love it

Youtee, free pattern

Youtee Dyed Knit in Bonsai®
Skill level: Easy
FREE pattern instructions

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