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The Perfect Gift

Knit a collection of tiny trifles to hang from branches Free Patternsor on treasures under the tree.


Comfort DKLumina

Minutia '08Minutia '08Minutia '08

Knit in Comfort DK™ & Lumina
Skill Level: Easy
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Minutia 2007Usher in this holiday season with an updated set of miniature sweaters, a continuation of last year's Minutia collection. A dozen of these would make an excellent gift for a new family just starting an ornament collection. They are also a nice upgrade from disposable paper gift tags—just tuck a bit of paper with the recipient's name inside.

Look foward to lots of festive ideas from KnitBits in the coming weeks, free patterns that solve many holiday quandries. From sparkling party garments to gift sets that total $25 or less to heirloom quality stockings, these projects are sure to enhance your end of year knitting queue.