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Global Gifting - China
Global Gifting - China
Our first installment takes us to China, where it is customary for monetary gifts to be traded during special occasions such as Chinese New Year, weddings or birthdays. These gifts are always nestled in a red envelope, a lucky talisman known as ang pow.

The amount of money given is very important as specific numbers can connote sadness, loneliness or even death. Even numbers are considered luckier than odd. The number four is usually avoided because when it is spoken out loud it is a homophone for death.

LuminaI kept the significance of these numbers in mind when designing my versions of ang pow, a set of coordinated pouches that can be used as a lavish gift wrap or a graphic holiday clutch. I made sure to avoid using the number four when devising stripe and color work repeats and I made sure to incorporate lucky number two in the form of two gold coin charms, crocheted in Lumina.Palace®

The silk component of Palace® gleams next to the striation of two shades of Jasper, one in lucky Chinese red and the other in a shade of blue that evokes traditional cloissoine enamel work. Using a self-striping yarn for Jaspercolorwork is a great shortcut to dazzling results with minimal yarn juggling. Seven inch zippers are easy to install and add a professional touch.

Look forward to more globally inspired projects in coming KnitBits issues.

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Happy knitting and safe travels!

Cirilia Rose


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