Top 30 of 2009 - Favorites of Norah, Donna and Cirilia
Top 30 of 2009One of the most difficult things about working in the design department is that time seems to zip by at a rapid clip. Since we’re usually thinking several seasons ahead, it is easy to forget amazing designs that have come and gone over the year. Now that the holidays are behind us, we thought we’d take a minute to share our favorites with you. These are the designs we’d love to be knitting for ourselves, the designs we’re especially proud of and the ones that we think will be popular well into 2010. Click to view Top 30 of 2009

NimbusOne of the runaway hits from 2009 was Nimbus. This simple cropped jacket looks great on many figures and knits up quickly in lofty Peruvia® Quick. We decided to revisit Nimbus and design three new sweaters in a completely indulgent way—Norah, Donna and I had free rein to modify Nimbus until we each had a new garment that was quintessentially “Norah,” “Donna” or “Cirilia.” The results are our free patterns this week.

Free PatternsDonna designed Cirrus using Cuzco®. She designed bracelet length sleeves to show off her charm bracelet collection; garter stitch button bands borrowed from Nimbus are fastened with a fantastic antique button.

Norah designed Stratus using Blackstone Tweed™ in Plum Island, an earthy purple that fit well into Norah’s wardrobe. Norah knit the coat she felt was missing from her winter wardrobe—generous ribbing and easy to execute texture make this an instant staple.

I whipped up the Cumulus coat using bulky Sundae™ in about 24 hours! The elbow length puffed sleeves and deep pockets are my favorite part. Wide garter button bands were the perfect canvas for delightfully oversized buttons, a gift from Norah’s vintage stash.

Even though it was difficult to make these garments at such a busy time of year, it was an excellent reminder of how rewarding our hobby is. Take the time to find a favorite and make it your own in 2010.

knit in Cuzco®
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knit in Blackstone Tweed™
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knit in Sundae™
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