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Booklet #294

As winter winds down, daydreams turn to tropical locales, sandy beaches and fruity cocktails...and Berroco Origami™ outfits. Origami is an exciting new worsted weight yarn for spring and summer knitting. Many multicolored strands run parallel to each other, wrapped by a thin black binder thread. It knits into a remarkably light and comfortable finished fabric. I was amazed to see that even in the midst of photo shoot mania, the garments simply wouldn’t wrinkle! Versatile, cheery colorways, a machine washable blend of acrylic, linen, nylon and cotton, this yarn is just begging to come on vacation with you.

Berroco Origami
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Casual and variable were our goals when designing Booklet #294 Berroco Origami. Many of the garments are related with small variations. Kirra Knit was such a fun shape we couldn’t resist designing Kirra Crochet and Kiama, a shortened version. These cardigans can be worn in a myriad of ways (including upside down).

For those who want to keep it simple, we have two basic tees. Bellambie is knit from side to side and has airy dropped stitches. Bondi has a v-neckline and a swingy A-line shape. Whatever your preference, you can take a closer look at the Origami collection in our audio slideshow.

  Kirra Crochet Bellambie Aldinga Marengo  
  Bondi Tilba Kiama Kirra Knit  

Booklet #294 Preview


Free PatternsThese colorful bobbled hats are crocheted with our self-striping Berroco Sox™. Offered in two sizes, these cheerful earflap hats will chase away your winter doldrums.

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Berroco Sox™

Skill level: Intermediate
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