Mother's DayThis week we have compiled some fun projects in anticipation of Mother's Day (Sunday, May 9th). You can knit for anyone in your life who embodies all the qualities that mothers are best known for. Many of us learned how to knit or crochet from our mothers and grandmothers, or perhaps one we borrowed from a friend. Repay their kindness with a project you've made especially for them.

You can make these in a couple of weekends...

Booklet Patterns Tilba Rhenana Starla Aon Olney St. Scarf
Free Patterns Ari Christoph Nimbus Lambe Egret

These projects will take you several weekends...

Booklet Patterns Kirra Crochet Goodall Comment Serama Sorcha
Free Patterns Drift Wishshaw Shoal Asia Avocet B

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Free PatternsBlumen — A beautiful bouquet of crocheted lilies to bring a smile on Mother's Day and long after.



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