Free Pattern - RiaHow-To Video: Twisted Stitches

Twisted stitches are a rare treat in knitting patterns. These days it seems that everyone has a taste for lace, with simple stockinette and cuddly garter stitch vying for popularity as well. Twisted stitches don’t figure as prominently but are an awful lot of fun. They are related to cable stitches in that you’re working two stitches out of order, but instead of rearranging the stitches using a cable needle, you work the stitches out of order while they’re still on the needles, twisting them in the process. This creates a dense, highly embossed texture that looks like it was carved onto the surface of the yarn.

Making twisted stitches is easy and like so many knitting techniques, best explained by showing. Watch my video to see a demonstration, and try your hand at working them in this Video Tutorialsweek’s free pattern, Ria, knit in Berroco Weekend™. Check out many more technique video tutorials.

Here are several other patterns that use twisted stitches:

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Free PatternsRia, is a companion piece to Ari with shorter sleeves and beads worked into the pattern stitch.

Ria - Free Pattern  

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