Over the Moon for Yarn Overs

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This week I will show you a magic trick! Yarn overs create something out of nothing. They're often used to create decorative increases or eyelets. When used in high volume, they can create an airy fabric that is perfect for the summer knits that are bound to be on your needles soon. Perhaps their most beloved use is in the lacy pattern stitches where they are worked in a specific sequence, and often paired with decreases to create a balanced, evocative piece of fabric. Yarn overs might be used to create a clear depiction of floral motifs or to lighten up a Video Tutorialsmore solid fabric like stockinette. They're really quite easy to work, and I've made another video tutorial to prove it. Here are some recent patterns that will show you what yarn overs can do:

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Cerrena Pekin Stimson Ave. Safina Abrianna

Free Patterns This popover bolero, Cloud, is worked with a twist in an easy reversible lace stitch. Knit in Pure® Pima.

Cloud - Free Pattern  

Knit in Pure® Pima
Skill level: Intermediate
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Pure Pima

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