Don't get spun right 'round by a circular cast-on
02/27/2018                       #750
Learn how to create gorgeous shawls or blankets with
Emily Ocker's Cast-on Method

If you've seen one of those gorgeous pi shawls or circular blankets and wondered how they get made, wonder no more! Many of them start from the inside with a circular cast-on method. In our Cecelia baby blanket, for example, the pattern calls for you to cast on 10 sts and divide them onto 3 needles to begin working in the round. This cast on will leave a hole in the center of the pattern that you can go sew up later with your yarn tail. Not a big deal, but maybe not ideal.

Enter Emily Ocker's circular cast on. This method begins by creating something like a crocheted magic loop before the stitches are transferred to double-pointed needles and the center is closed. This sounds way more tricky than it is—watch the video to see how simple it can be.
Watch the video for Emily Ocker's Circular Cast-On Method. 

This technique makes some great blankets and shawls, such as Cecilia, Pyxis, Mums, or Lucerne, but it can also be used to start a circle jacket, such as Fleur or Polkadot.
Download This Week's Free Pattern
Practice this new technique with Blossfeldt, this week's free pattern! Knit with Berroco Vintage®, this knitted blanket pattern starts in the center with Emily Ocker's cast-on, then works out in a simple stitch pattern. The edges are squared off to give it the boxy shape.

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