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Berroco's Spring 2007 Reader's Favorites

FavoritesOk, it's true, in the Northeast, as far as the weather goes, Spring is just now getting started. The warmth and sunshine and leaves have been a long time coming and couldn't be more welcome. In KnitBits, however, we've been showing you Spring since January, and our yarns and patterns have been in the stores for months, in anticipation of this moment. Of course, for many across the country, spring sprang weeks ago or is perpetual, with never ending warmth.

The fact that the weather varies so much across the US is indicative of the diversity of our customers. We have such a wide audience, such a lot of people to please. Our customers are any combination of young, old, conservative, artistic, new to the craft, expert, thin, thick, tall (Margery) and short (Norah), and so on. This fact is exciting for us as well as daunting. We can't please everyone with one garment, but we do aim to have something distinct and exciting for almost everyone. The following ten pieces were among your favorites from the Spring collection. They illustrate the glorious diversity of you, our readers and customers.

Napoli:  Many pieces from our L'attitude booklet were your favorites on our web site. This booklet is subtitled "easy fit" because so many of you are asking for items that don't have to fit perfectly. Some pieces have shrug-like constructions, some an oversized fit and some, like Napoli, are just plain flexible in their fit. The model in the photo is a size 6 and I am a size 14 and the piece looks great on both of us. We've sized it, too, so the range of sizes is quite extensive. I wore it with a simple black tank underneath, but I love the great blouse in the photo.


Wakame:  The runaway best selling booklet for Spring 07 is our Yin & Yang booklet #262 and the cover design, Wakame, is the sensation of the season.This modern asian inspired geometric pullover is very close to our hearts as it's a style both Margery and I love and can wear. It's thrilling to us that the Yin Yang approach resonated well with so many knitters. You can look forward to similarly inspired styles in our upcoming Fall collection.

:  Our Yin & Yang Booklet #262 is so popular that it rates a second time on the favorites list. Sanpoku, knit in Touché, embodies the best of several trends. Is it a short cardigan, or a shrug, or a wrap? You can pin it how and where you want, so the fit is flexible. It's seasonless as well. We have a Sanpoku version knit in Ultra Alpaca for those of the chilly persuasion.
Thalia:  To our delight, the felting craze continues and bag knitting is almost as important as sweater knitting in the warmer months. We also love that in the highest echelons of fashion a new $1,000 bag every season has become de rigueur and we knitters can make a fabulous new bag for around $50. Dare I thumb my nose at the fashion houses of Europe? One of your favorite Berroco felted bags has been Thalia, a felted tote in your favorite shade of Ultra Alpaca and coordinating Suede trim. You'll find this and 13 more intriguing bags in Booklet #257, bags.2


Lavinia:  Simple, easy to wear garments are always a hit and the Lavinia cardigan, from Booklet #256 Love it, is no exception. Think of it as a vest or think of it as a cardigan, the easy fit and flattering surplice wrap style flatter many figures and is ageless. Love it™ is a beautiful basic yarn. Like modeling clay in your hand, this yarn can make uber-feminine lace, traditional arans, glorious ribs, and need we mention, incredible stockinette stitch.


Beaujolais:  The best selling yarn for Spring 07 is Bonsai®. Inspired by the rhythmic markings on a bamboo tree, our ribbon yarn is made from a cellulistic fiber derived from bamboo. It's woven into a narrow ribbon that is wrapped with a delicate nylon for a touch of high sheen. The look is reminiscent of the bamboo plant. Many garments from Booklet #255 Bonsai were popular and the Beaujolais cardigan is at the top of the list.

Cha Cha
Cha Cha:  To every season turn, turn, turn. Knitters have gone circle crazy. This crocheted circle vest, Cha Cha from Booklet 260 Crochet.2 scored high as did its free knitted version Kia Kia. Both are made in Boho® Colors. You might want to check out some similar circular logic in our Nigella cardigan and last Fall's extremely popular Fleur cardigan. These pieces are all magically flattering and feminine without being too frou frou.


Macie:  We've heard from yarn shops (and our stats confirm) that Macie, knit in Nostalgia™, is another surprise hit. More and more knitters of varying ages are taking advantage of the idea of layering. This easy to knit jumper/apron has drawstring details and patch pockets. It pulls together your basic pieces and covers the bulgy bits so many of us have. Find this gem and others in our Booklet #261 Nostalgia.

Belinda:  Knitting for little ones remains popular. Our tiny top, Belinda, from Booklet 258, Little Ones, has alternating stripes of solid Love it® and variegated Love it™ Colors. A sweet bow tie detail at the neck completes the look. Remember, any of the pieces in this booklet can be knit in either Pure® Merino (incredibly soft washable merino wool) or Love it (a gorgeous blend of cotton and acrylic with a springy spin). It depends on your climate and predisposition.
Saundra:  All of items from our Family Tree Collection Booklet #263 scored high with hits on our web site. A between season introduction didn't hinder the popularity of the four items in the booklet including the Saundra throw made of Pure Merino. Made up of hexagons, the throw looks intricate but is deceptively simple. Worked on straight needles, each hexagon is knit onto the one before it, so there is no finishing. You can look at this one for hours and keep seeing it in new ways, like with a beautiful patchwork quilt.

All the best,


Norah Gaughan
Design Director

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