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KnitBits #188 from Berroco

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Pitti Filati: Florence, Italy 2007

Norah and I went to Florence in February for the semi-annual Pitti Filati (international yarn expo). Our feeling for clean simple asymmetry was certainly reconfirmed in the trend pavilion. (click for more)

Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07
Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07
Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07 Pitti Filati '07

Today I will address those things that we saw that have influenced and confirmed our point of view on today's knit fashion.

Interestingly enough, in these fashion forward items, the knitted fabric of choice is stockinette stitch - my favorite! The yarns that seemed the strongest were the classic sophisticated blends that allow the fabric to bend, drape and perform. I can confess that I have always preferred the simple monotony of stockinette. This allows what I refer to as the "outside line" of the garment to assert its formal self. Having sorted through my photos, I find that there were 8 very interesting asymmetrical pieces that I found directional. (click for more)


Nanette from cyberspace wrote: "Please explain how to sew the pieces together to make the welted seam on Wakame in Booklet #262. I finished all the pieces and I just can't figure out how to assemble it so that the seam looks like it does in the photo."

The nicest way to sew the seam is with mattress stitch. If you aren't familiar with this technique, I've looked on the web and there are many clear explanations to be found. For Wakami, the seam is sewn inside out, so the wrong side of the fabric is facing you as you sew. Work one full stitch in from the edge and you'll make a beautiful welt on the outside. A little steam will perfect your seam.

All the best,


Margery Winter
Creative Director

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