KnitBits #204 from Berroco

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Today's free patterns are both knit with lacy stitch patterns. Our Ultra®Alpaca Light cowl neck pullover, Eustice, is knit in a gorgeous frost flower pattern and the cardigan, Luanna, knit in Softwist™, is comprised of several smaller openwork patterns. We have written the instructions for these stitches out in words, but seeing all this lace has gotten me to thinking about lace charts. I must admit that it has been a long time since I've been interested in lace knitting, but with the recent revival of lacy cover-ups, I once again find my head overflowing with ideas. I can't help notice that many lace patterns these days are charted. I learned to knit lace and cable patterns written out in words and even though I am a visual and intuitive person, I have avoided working from charted patterns.

HibitoI have challenged Norah to explain how to follow charted lace patterns. These charts often visually resemble the knitted lace itself, so I know that the symbols represent the knits and purls as well as yarnovers and various decreases. I just don't get how to flip to the wrong side, the purl side.

So, Norah, I challenge you to describe in plain English just how to overcome these hurdles and enjoy decoding charts.

Margery, I am totally addicted to charts. I find it so much easier to find my place when I get a bit lost. I prefer not having to swim through a sea of words. You (Margery) Chart Balready know how to work color charts so you are well on your way to understanding lace charts, or cable charts for that matter. I'll talk about one row at a time and review the basics. We'll work with the chart from one of Berroco's free patterns, Hibito. This chart has some small cables and basic lace. Click here for my tutorial.

All the best,

Margery Winter
Creative Director
Norah Gaughan
Design Director


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